Smile with savings of 10-35% off customary dental fees.
Save an average of 18-20% off the MSRP at participating pharmacies.
Get 20% off MSRP on frames and lenses. Seeing is believing with 15% savings on LASIK surgery.
Save on hearing care, behavioral health, infertility treatment, and more.
Save 20% on alternative care; acupuncture, chiropractic and even massages!
Frequently Asked Questions...

How to use your membership | About your benefits | About your membership

How to use your HealthSaver membership:

How does HealthSaver work?
Your HealthSaver membership card is the key to savings on healthcare. To receive your money-saving discounts, simply show your card with the identifying network logos to save instantly at participating providers.

How do I find a participating provider online?
Locating a provider is as easy as following the simple steps outlined below!

Sign in with your username and password.
Click on the benefit page of your choice such as Vision, Dental, etc.
Follow the instructions to find a provider in your area.
Click on the provider's name for more details about the provider and for driving directions.
Contact the provider to make an appointment.

Tips to follow when using your membership includes extra services to help you get the most out of your membership! Below are some helpful tips to use prior to visiting a participating provider:

Once you've located a provider you wish to visit, click the "Select Provider" button and print out your confirmation letter.
Bring your confirmation letter AND your HealthSaver membership card to your appointment.
Not ready to make an appointment just yet? Simply click on "Add to Favorites" and the next time you sign into HealthSaver, you can view your list of saved providers.


About your benefits:

What are HealthSaver's Benefits?
HealthSaver is a service specifically designed to save you money on everyday health needs. Your HealthSaver Card gets you on-the-spot savings.

Save an average of 18-20% off the MSRP at over 60,000 partipating pharmacies. Plus discounts at participating vision-care provider locations as well as over 80,000 dental providers nationwide (* Dental Care discounts not available in Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming.)
Great discounts on over-the-counter drugs, and health/dental products for you and your family.
Savings on non-traditional healthcare, like Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Counseling and much more.

Can everyone in my family use HealthSaver benefits?
Yes! We provide Free additional cards on request. Your family is defined as you, your spouse, and all dependent children under age 22 living at home or away at school. In California, "dependent" includes the member's spouse and all unmarried children from birth through 20 years of age, or through age 22, if the dependent child is attending an educational institution, or a child 21 years of age or over who is both (a) incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental retardation or physical handicap and (b) chiefly dependent upon the member for support and maintenance.

How does HealthSaver offer such great low prices?
Hundreds of thousands of members give us the "buying power" to negotiate exceptionally low prices not always available to the general public at pharmacies, dentists, eye-care and hearing centers.

Can I get discounts on all my prescriptions?
HealthSaver provides significant discounts for many prescriptions. Since drug prices change monthly, your HealthSaver Card ensures you‚??ll always pay the lowest price available at participating pharmacies for covered prescriptions.

How do I get my HealthSaver discounts?
Simply present your HealthSaver Card at any participating pharmacies nationwide to receive your savings on brand-name and generic drugs. Plus, present your card at eyecare centers to get instant discounts on frames and lenses. It‚??s that easy!

How often can I use my card?
As often as you like! And at the same benefit provider again and again.

Which dental, pharmacy, and eye care providers can I use?
Your HealthSaver Card is honored at over 80,000 dentists, and over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. In fact, to find the nearest location to you, simply login, or call the toll-free number from your kit: 1-800-7-HEALTH (1-800-743-2584).

Does HealthSaver cover pre-existing prescriptions?
Yes, our discounts are good on existing, as well as new prescriptions.

Can I still use my dentist?
Yes, if your dentist is one of the over 80,000 participating dentists in the HealthSaver Network. If so, then you and your family will be eligible for a pre-negotiated discount. If not, we‚??ll be more than happy to find a dentist for you that's close to where you live or work.

How does the HealthSaver dental plan work?
Just show your HealthSaver Card at a participating dentist to receive your instant discount. You'll receive the highest quality care at a dental office that's convenient to your home or work.

What is HealthSaver's phone number and hours of operation?
The HealthSaver toll-free phone number is 1-800-7-HEALTH (1-800-743-2584). Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm, Eastern Standard time.

What are the non-traditional services I can save on?
Chiropractic visits, Acupuncture treatments, Counseling sessions, Teeth-Whitening treatments, and Cosmetic Dentistry. HealthSaver even saves you money on Weight Management Programs, Infertility Treatments, and Physical Therapy.


About your membership:

Are there any hidden/additional fees involved?
No! There are absolutely no additional charges or fees, other than your membership fee and you're under no obligation to make purchases.

Can I use my HealthSaver discounts before my membership kit arrives?
For instant, point-of-sale purchases, you'll need your membership card. It will arrive with your membership materials within 2 to 3 weeks.

Can I cancel for a refund of my membership fee?
If at any time during your membership you're not completely satisfied with the service, simply call the HealthSaver toll-free number to cancel. Your refund (if applicable) will be made in accordance with the billing terms furnished to you upon enrollment in HealthSaver.

HealthSaver is a service provided by Trilegiant Corporation, which may modify or improve any part of the service at any time and without prior notice. HealthSaver is a registered service mark of Affinion Publishing, LLC.

The HealthSaver service is not intended as a substitute for professional medical help. A physician should always be consulted for any health problems and medical conditions.

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