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Save an average of 18-20% off the MSRP at participating pharmacies.
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Everday Pharmacy Savings
Everday Pharmacy Savings
Everday Pharmacy Savings From cold relief to ailments both big and small, you'll enjoy greater peace of mind with HealthSaver's pre-qualified providers, facilities, and services designed to meet your needs and your budget.

The search for affordable health care stops here! From protecting your family's health through prevention and early detection to just taking care of yourself everyday, HealthSaver fits your family's health care needs.

Members receive 10-50% off MSRP at over 6,000 locations. Each hearing aid purchase includes, at no additional cost:

Everday Pharmacy Savings Free quarterly cleanings and adjustments
Everday Pharmacy Savings Yearly audiometric screenings
Everday Pharmacy Savings First-year loss and damage insurance and repair warranty
Everday Pharmacy Savings Batteries for the life of the hearing aid (up to two packages/quarter)

Behavioral Health
Looking for a reputable family therapist or psychiatrist? Get the best rates from specialists in addiction therapy, marriage and family counseling, even pediatric behavioral health.
  • Members save 15% to 35% off non-discounted rates on behavioral health costs
  • Members can get discounts off non-discounted rates on counseling services at select providers.
Enjoy significant savings on treatments for couples trying to conceive.

Everday Pharmacy Savings Members receive 20-30% off usual and customary charges from participating providers and facilities.

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Everday Pharmacy Savings Discounts on fitness apparel and equipment
Everday Pharmacy Savings Savings on vitamins, supplements and natural foods
Everday Pharmacy Savings Discounts on home medical supplies and equipment
Everday Pharmacy Savings And much more!

HealthSaver Saves You Time and Money!
Take care of yourself, take care of your family! HealthSaver members enjoy the no hassle approach to health care:

HealthSaver Saves You Time and Money!
Special reduced prices on prescriptions and health-related aids at participating locations.
Discounts from participating health care professionals nationwide
And, so much more!